Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Story Time with Ms. Bombshell

A few weeks ago, I developed a lovely case of the flu with some sinus infection thrown in for taste. It was a most excellent week where I felt like my brain was simultaneously being smushed by rocks and broiling in an oven. I felt fantastic......ok, I'm totally lying. I felt like padoodles. I also sounded like Satan thanks to the drainage making my throat totally inflamed. It was the best week ever. Anyhoo, cut to the next week when I finally was cleared to go back to work. I was better but I still had some fatigue issues. (I had to stop halfway up any set of stairs because I would get tired. Yeah, that's fatigue!) Hence, that whole week, I wore nothing but dresses because they are low maintenance and ballet flats because they require the least effort when it comes to walking around. Evidently, I've become the Queen of High Heels because I received several comments from people that ranged from "Oh, look, you have your comfy shoes on," to "Wow, you're actually wearing flats two days in a row!" and my favorite, "Whoa, you must still feel bad if you're wearing those shoes!" I had no idea that my footwear was noticed that much! Granted, there are those that I would make sure saw my shoes. There are also those people that would comment because they liked to say "I don't know how you can walk around all day in those heels." I just had no idea so many people had seen and noted what I put on my feet every day!

This week I have been wearing a higher heeled boot (although I'm still not up to my usual 4 inch heels). There was a comment made about it, "That's the smallest heel I think I've ever seen you wear, other than flats." I just said "I'm getting better! Once you see me back in heels, you'll know I'm completely recovered!"

The whole thing actually just made me feel quite special, and not in the helmet kind of way! I think that I will go get a new pair of heels to celebrate!

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