Thursday, August 6, 2009

Invasion of the Podcasts! (Thing 21)

Thanks to this thing, I actually listened to my first podcast. I had seen them popping up on the LIS-Librarian and Information Science news rss feed that I had subscibed to in Thing 7. I finally took the time to listen to one and although there were a couple of times that my mind wandered (I think it was less to do with content than the man's voice. It was so soothing!) but it did have some good information. The audio did have a small glitch, in that, it sometimes would sound like the person stuttered but other than that, it had great audio quality. Some of the topics covered were technology in the library, a small note about a funny article (Children's Books that will never be published) and also, some discussion about the podcasts and where they are headed. I enjoyed it. When I get more time, I'm going to go listen to some podcasts from the National Library of Medicine. They had some great ones about new information about diseases and things like that!

As far as what patrons might listen to, I'm thinking that the subjects that would interest them would be business and money, entertainment, and technology. Those tend to be the subjects I get asked about the most right now. I think if we could make some entertaining ones about our library services and other things, we might be able to get patrons to listen to them. Or that's just my own little hope.

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