Monday, August 10, 2009

Adaptation (Thing 22)

I do know of several people in this particular library system that participated in the 23 Things exercise. When it comes to the 23 Things, I would love for everyone in the system to get to experience it. Granted, they wouldn't all do it at the same time (that would be chaotic and probably cause a few people to lose it) but it would be nice if they could all experience it. If I were to adapt it for the system here, I'd change only a couple of the things. I would take out Ning and replace it with shelfari, mainly because I think the people involved would use it more than they'd use ning. (Pretty much everyone I talked to wasn't very thrilled with ning) I would also probably take out the more facebook thing (oh it would pain me to do so!) and put in myspace simply because we still have a lot of people (public) that use it and still ask questions about it. That one is still pretty optional though. Otherwise, I would keep the tasks in the same order and just have everyone go at it. Either that or have a 23 things thrown in your face kind of thing where we go over it all in one big hit. Doing that with a fun, exciting person instructing it might make it something people would want to participate in. (It could also be broken up into a two part session but again, that would something that would have to be discussed and, of course, dissected, torn apart, then put back together. gotta love planning!) And that concludes my thoughts on adapting the 23 Things for the library system where I work!

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